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Army Golf Club – Bunker Renovation – Part 2 – The Finished Product

A few weeks back I showed you a behind the scenes view of some of the bunker renovation work that was happening at Army Golf Club (If you missed that post click here to go and check it out).

Today I am going to show you the finished product on a few of the holes, the 2nd, 5th and 16th, and whether you are a player or a course manager, I think you will like it.

I'd love to hear your perspective, how do they look and how does it change your feeling around the approach shots?

My goal is always to make the course enjoyable yet challenging for all who play it. The goal is not to just make it difficult.

All the bunkers you'll see are built with the Ecobunker System, which helps create that great face to the bunker. But don't panic... at Army Golf Club, the sand slopes away from the face so that your ball won't get stuck right up against it, giving you a shot out.

The 2nd Hole

I will first show you a close-up and I hope you'll agree the difference is just amazing!



The bunker has been lengthened to sit more along the face of the raised green, giving you that little extra to think about on your approach.

The shape change is mostly for aesthetic reasons, it now follows the contours slightly better.


Now let's take a look at the approach into the green...



From the approach, you can really see the difference in size of the bunker, and because we changed the shape you can also see a lot more sand, which does make it a little more intimidating and probably will creep into the mind of the player.

We have actually lowered the height of the mound behind the bunker, which means you can actually see more of the green on your approach, giving you a better perception of the depth you have to hit into.


The 5th Hole




Like the 2nd we have changed the shape of the bunker, to allow it to flow better with the contours, creating flowing lines, rather than an oval just thrown into the ground, so it sits more happily into the face of the green.

Previously, what was happening, was the bunker was becoming contaminated with soil, stones and anything else that came out of the surrounding subsoil that the bunker was cut out of. By using the Ecobunker System, this will no longer occur. The artificial surface protects the bunker from contamination.

Removing the steep, sand slope in the bunker will make maintenance much easier and keep the bunker looking great.

The Approach Before:

The Approach After:

I actually think it looks a little less threatening in the approach shot, but if you do happen to find yourself in there. The slope of the sand should mean the ball does not get stuck up against the face and means you will have a shot out.

Previously this bunker had a drainage issue, due to the fact the soil below the sand was getting pulled up and blocking the drainage system. Now, the bunker is lined with the same material that's in the face, preventing contamination and reducing drainage headaches


The 16th Hole


You can just about see the outline of the new bunker, increasing it in size and again changing the shape of the bunker.



The 16th is a long, dog-leg par 4 with 2nd shots played uphill into the green. Due to the size and shape of it, visibility of this bunker has long been an issue. The sinuous shape of the new bunker now gives it much more definition from down the fairway and it sits much more naturally into the face of the green.


There you have it, the finished bunker renovation on the 2nd, 5th and 16th holes at Army Golf Club.

Seeing the finished product is such a great feeling, especially when it turns out as well as these have. It's a great team effort between everyone involved and I want to thank everyone who has helped so far.

Army Golf Club plan to renovate their remaining bunkers over the next few years as part of their long-term management plan.


In the next week or so I'll be showing you some plan ideas for what we will be doing at Farnham Golf Club, so keep an eye out.


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