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Bunker Renovation With Ecobunker At The Army Golf Club

How A Few Small Changes Can Make A Big Impact On The Look & Playability

Recently I have been working with Army Golf Club located near Farnborough, Hampshire on a bunker renovation project. The project will be carried out over the next couple of years and will involve the remodelling of all the golf course’s 30 bunkers, and today I thought I would share with you the start of this project, by taking a look at the 2nd hole and the work they are doing there, take a look at the pictures...

Bunker Problems

The problem they were facing was that many of the bunkers are suffering from contamination by soil falling from the faces and they also have a few have drainage issues.

The bunker faces have become difficult to manage and last year’s hot, dry summer killed off much of the grass on the tops, exacerbating the problems further.


The Goal

The aim of the renovation project is to improve the look and playability of the bunkers and reduce time spent maintaining them. A win for the greenkeepers, a win for the members and a win for the club.


Phase 1

The initial phase of works has involved the green’s crew rebuilding bunkers on the 2nd, 5th and 16th holes in conjunction with Ecobunker ( The Ecobunker product was chosen because it will provide the clean, sinuous lines that will deliver a great, year-round appearance and both the synthetic faces and the liner will prevent soil from contaminating the sand and prevent silting up of the newly installed drains.

I carried out an initial assessment and survey of the first few bunkers to be changed, provided detailed plans and visualisations to the club and marked out the new bunker shapes prior to work commencing on site.

Although the bunkers are not yet back in play, the general view from the club members is very positive and they are looking forward to playing them and seeing the remaining bunkers done next winter.

I am going to show you what we are doing on the 2nd hole at the Army Golf Club and show you the progress and the different stages of development, so let’s have a look at one of the holes...

Today I am going to show you the 2nd hole, a par 4, 372 yards (off the white tees), and we are looking here at the greenside bunker


After; My Visualisation:


This was my visualisation (not the real thing) and I hope you’ll agree that that looks just so much better. It’s immediately better visually for the player, it also creeps into their mind more when playing the shot. The work is currently in progress so let’s take a look at how its coming along...


How Long Has It Taken?

Often the perception is that these kinds of changes take too much time or cause too much disruption, but that has simply not been the case.

The works are in progress but as you will see are not taking that much time, we are looking at...

Phase 1 -  3 bunkers

  • 3 days rough shaping them
  • 3-4 days with eco-bunker - lining it and putting the face in
  • 2 days - returfing
  • 1 day - refill with sand
  • Depending on the weather, will depend on how long it will it take before back in play, roughly 6 weeks.

So you are looking at 8 weeks from start to finish of phase 1 of the project.

And the disruption has been absolutely minimal. The holes are still in play, it’s just one small area that is GUR.

In fact, there is a level of excitement from members about the changes and seeing improvements being made.


Here are some progress pictures of the bunker renovation:


Post Shaping:

Laying The Artificial Turf & Liner:

Starting to re-turf the surrounds and waiting for the sand...

In the coming weeks, I will update you on the progress, so keep an eye out for part 2.


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